Telling over 30 years of profession in few lines is not a simple thing.
I'd rather talk about the pleasure of staying close to the furnace every day: it pushes me to create, manipulate, play with simple raw materials and transform them into objects that make small dreams come true.

I love to create colors, transparencies and light games that leave something in people, as every object contains hundreds of years of craftsmanship, handed from an artisan to the other until today.

I prefer to tell who I am through what I do and through the passion I put in everything I create.

Alberto Striulli

Get up early in the morning, see the sun rising on the lagoon. The colors, the smells of the salty water, the sound of the waves on the fondamenta. Such a wonder definitely deserves your early wake up.
This view is simply unique. Everyday our irises are given always new impressions to transfer to the glass through the wisdom of our hands. It's a knowledge our family has been passing on for over thirty years, but comes from centuries of tradition.

Every day we create something different, something unique. And we do it with passion, to respect an art that needs to be protected and perpetuated. We are artisans, not entrepreneurs, and the relationship between the creator and his creature is not simple. You have to know how to bend matter to your will, transform your idea into action.

This conflict provokes mixed feelings, which pass from overwhelming love to the deepest deceit, but in the end is the love for your work what consumes you. Yet, there is a time of day when fatigue and tiredness leave you for a few seconds, and a glazier knows it, because he lives for that moment. The moment when, before closing the lab at the end of the day, you carefully cast a glance at your work, let your gaze go through the ripples of the glass. Take a few steps back, dry the last drops of sweat from your forehead, and a deep, silent breath fills your chest with pride. And every day you repeat the same sentence, it's the last breath at the end of the day, it's this pleasure mixed with emotion that makes you say with no hesitation: "I love this job."

Striuli A. Glass of Art s.a.s. is a concessionaire for the "Vetro Artistico ® Murano" trademark (code 080) which certifies that every product is made only in Murano, according to criteria consistent with the traditional handicraft Murano techniques.



Come and spend some time in our showroom: a family-run space where you can touch the quality of our products with your hands and feast your eyes on colors, lights and emotions inspired by Murano Glass.